What is the home sleep testing procedure?

The only way to diagnose sleep apnea correctly is an overnight sleep study: a comprehensive recording of the bio-physiological changes that occur during sleep. In the past, the polysomnogram, or PSG, has typically been performed at night in a hospital or “sleep center.” Due to advances in technology, patients may now opt to have one conducted in the comfort of their home. An HST, home sleep test, typically monitors between five and twelve body functions including brain wave activity, eye movements, muscle activity/tension, heart rhythm, achievement of various sleep stages, oral & nasal airflow and respiratory effort/efficiency during sleep.

Our insurance-paid home sleep study usually provides a very accurate representation of your actual sleep patterns. It is covered by most insurance plans with a low deductible and allows you to sleep in your own bed and on your own schedule. No technician is required for set-up and your test can be scheduled within days...not weeks.

The home study unit is shipped directly to you. The system provides easy step-by-step instructions and voice prompted commands along with single-button simplicity. When the sleep study is completed, you simply return the test unit in the prepaid postage package we provide. The results are interpreted by a board-certified sleep physician and made available to you here through a consultation with your dentist.

For more information on a home sleep test in Cleveland, call our sleep apnea experts at Beachwood Dental and schedule a free screening.