How do I know if I have sleep apnea?

The most typical sleep apnea symptoms are loud/excessive snoring and falling asleep at inappropriate times during the day, even though you’ve had "a good night’s sleep." Other symptoms can include:
     High blood pressure
     Memory problems
     Morning headaches
     Feeling of depression
     Gastro-esophageal reflux (heartburn)
     Nocturia (frequent night time urination)
     Weight gain
     Limited attention
     Poor judgment
     Personality issues
     Hyperactivity, especially in children

A family history of sleep apnea, excess weight, large neck, recessed chin or known abnormalities in the upper airway are risk factors, as well as smoking and alcohol use.

If you are experiencing some or all of the sleep apnea symptoms listed above or want to stop snoring in Cuyahoga County, contact the sleep specialists at Beachwood Dental and schedule a consultation to begin your journey on the way to a better night’s sleep.