Do I need to see my doctor first?

You don’t need a prescription or referral for the online screening test. It’s absolutely free, even though it is evaluated by a medically qualified sleep specialist in East Side, Ohio.

If your in-home overnight sleep study results indicate mild to moderate sleep apnea, again, you won’t need a referral; the test is read by a board-certified sleep physician fully qualified to make a diagnosis. (If your insurance requires your primary care physician to be notified, we will do so on your behalf.)

However, if your test results indicate severe sleep apnea or another suspected sleep condition, you will need to consult with your doctor unless you’ve already been deemed “non-compliant” for a CPAP appliance. (Learn more about CPAP non-compliance here.)

We understand that most people think of sleep apnea as a medical issue to be treated by an MD. But in truth, only a dentist can properly fit you with an oral appliance. That said, we will work closely together with your doctor to make certain we are in concurrence before moving forward with your oral appliance therapy.

Contact our East Side sleep apnea specialists at Beachwood Dental for a free consultation and plan that you can review with your primary care doctor if you choose to.